Yavuz Efe Selim


Yavuz Efe Selim (Co-founder) is the Managing Partner and Technology Lead of CSI Global Group, with over 16 years of expertise in the construction business. After graduating in computer engineering, he has been able to identify technology requirements for engineering services and construction, providing value to the team and projects. Efe was instrumental in CSI’s success by directing the development and administration of CSI Technologies and software platforms such as a cloud solution, network, cyber security, and construction and engineering software. He is also in charge of developing the company’s professional and corporate ID branding.
In addition to his technological responsibilities, Efe worked on business growth, helping the company’s operational and commercial components. His attempts to secure new megaprojects and broaden the company’s reach have been critical to CSI’s growth and success. Efe’s commitment and expertise make him a vital member of the CSI team, adding value through his technology-related responsibilities and business development initiatives.